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About us

Hardware Startup Finland ry is a non-profit organisation that aims to bring together hardware entrepreneurs and HW-oriented people in Finland. Our most important events are meetups, during which people get to know each other, ask and receive help, share and get feedback for their ideas etc. We don't take our events lightly, and always aim for an amazing experience with rockstar speakers around the world. We want to build a thriving hardware community and supporting people with their wild dreams of building physical products. Hardware Startup Finland embraces Internet of Things -devices, Wearables, Robotics, Industrial Design, Smart and Stupid Gadgets, Clothing, Audio, Machinery and pretty much anything you can think of. Let's make Finland the HW-hub of Northern Europe together!

Remember to check out some great hardware and IoT content from our Facebook and Twitter (scroll up for quick buttons). If you want to get in touch, send Kristiina or Panu an email. Kristiina is the #1 daily point-of-contact at the association. Below you find bios of the main guys (and a gal!) running the Hardware Startup Finland show.


Kristiina is our powerhouse project manager who never gets tired of listening to the stories of hardware startups. The same does not apply to Franks, Panus and Leighs' stories, and we can hardly blame her for that. With her background in industrial and service design, she gets excited by cool new products and services. Kristiina, also known as Iron-Risto (don’t ask), wants to develop services and facilities that will ensure the global takeover by hw-startups springing from the cold North.

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Panu is a master of burning the candle from both ends, and sometimes in the middle, too. He's a former (hardware) entrepreneur, and has run startups both in Finland and in the US. Panu thinks that physical products and hardware are sexy. Despite his apparent lack of formal education in technology, he's rather well knowledged in software and hardware. Panu was initially the mastermind behind creating a hardware community into Finland. Leigh and Frank were stupid enough to buy his idea. Currently Panu works as a Digimentalist at a service corporation, but his future dream career is to become a skibum (again).


Helena is our talented Insight Assistant who will help us on our mission getting to know hw-startups in Finland and organising exciting events for the community. She is a marketing and communications wizard who got involved with startups originally by accident through Vaasa Entrepreneurship Society and has been hooked on ever since - now being also the main organiser of Harvest event. Helena believes that as long as there will be humans there will also be a need for hardware products. Her positive enthusiasm keeps us going when cafeine is not enough!



Leigh is our token Australian in our team……we figure everyone needs an Aussie in their posse right? He’s well versed with Health Technology, Mobile Gaming/Serious Gaming and he’s really big on Bio Hacking and exploring transhumanism and future digital technologies. He has a sports background, has a passion for super foods and surprisingly enough has an artistic streak in him. He’s our business development guy and has a great network of startups across many industries. 



"An energetic and innovative entrepreneur with in-depth construction industry experience who delivers exceptional results for customers at all corporate levels. My interests are in customer-driven approach, user-centric development with a solid focus in business strategy. In addition, I have a strong 'can do'-attitude, excellent social skills and extremely entrepreneurial mindset with a burning passion for startups." <- That was the official truth from LinkedIn. Our truth: Frank is an ADHD talking machine and idea generator, who tries to turn anything into a startup!


You have a hardware startup?

We would love to hear from you, dear hardware entrepreneur. Shoot us a short message telling about your company. In return, we do our best to hook you up with potential partners, customers and investors. Also, we'd be happy to have you speak at the meetups about your #hardware journey!

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We have a handful of friends and partners we occasionally team up with to produce great events and content.

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