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What: 3-day hands-on design-oriented workshop to early stage hardware startups in Finland

When: 31.1.-2.2.2018, in Espoo/Helsinki

Participants: max.10-15 teams


Hardware experts coming to Finland

We have invited the Chief Product Designer Noel Joyce from HAX, world’s largest hardware accelerator, to give a 3-day hands-on workshop to early stage hardware startups in Finland. Over the years at HAX Noel has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with developing, designing and launching their products - and their portfolio is impressive!

The workshop program

The program follows the general format of HAX’s own accelerator program, which means that it's going to be structured in sprint shop sessions; series of fast workshops with themes based around hardware design for acceleration. The workshops will be grounded in techniques utilized on real world case studies of projects that have received investment and been through HAX hardware accelerator. Teams will be working on their own products and solving problems relevant to their specific needs.

The workshop is most useful to startups at seed or early stage with a prototype and a team. Teams at a more advanced stage are also welcome to apply for participation. Teams should have some of the following capabilities: engineering, business development, electronic engineering, design.

The objective of the sprint shops is to give you a taste of what goes on at the world’s premier hardware accelerator. We hope to help you add more value to your product idea, and for the teams interested, give insight into what’s expected from you on successful application to HAX.

Partners and sponsors will be invited to participate in the presentation session at the end of the workshop. There will also be a separate session with Noel focused on how HAX helps some of the biggest companies and brands to innovate and work with startups.

Why are we doing this?

In short, we love hardware and physical products! We want to help Finnish entrepreneurs make it and through our community and events improve the quality and success rate of Finnish hardware startups.

HAX wants to find the best hardware startups and help them to become superstars. To do this we believe we need to reach out to the hardware startup community and help them to understand what we do and how this can benefit them.

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More info/contact:
Kristiina Sandqvist

You want in?

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Author: Kristiina Sandqvist, Project Manager |